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PATCHOULI Eau de Parfum is a harmonious blend of intense and subtle notes, sourced from the northern coast of South America to the heart of Asia. This fragrance seamlessly merges the craftsmanship of man with the beauty of nature, presenting a captivating interplay of spicy, smoky, and leathery accords.

TOP NOTE: Embark on a delightful journey as the fragrance unfolds with the gentle caress of a forest breeze. Fresh red roses, kissed by the warmth of Saffron, create a delicately balanced opening, reminiscent of standing amidst lush greenery.

HEART NOTE: Transport yourself to the Patchouli gardens of Southeast Asia, where the earthy essence mingles with the aroma of Myrrh, evoking the spirit of monsoons. This middle note captures the essence of nature’s embrace in a rich and grounding olfactory experience.

BASE NOTE: The perfume reaches its crescendo with profound notes of Oud and the essence of exotic Guaiac wood. A touch of the most opulent Black Musk serves as the final key, culminating in a timeless and luxurious fragrance that lingers gracefully.

ATCHOULI Eau de Parfum is a testament to the artistry of scent creation, offering a symphony of olfactory delights that traverse continents and capture the essence of diverse landscapes.

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Soleil de Paris Patchouli Extract 63ml
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